About me

I'm Maja and works as an illustrator and artist. I started my career as a ceramic artist, but after a short stopover in webdesign I ended up working as an illustrator and suddenly I had my own business. I set up a store at Etsy.com and after a few months I sent my artprints all over the world. Since then I've been fortunate to work with clients both international and national.

In 2016, my first book was published, "Lilla Bokstavsboken" ("The small book of letters"), an ABC-book with small rhymes and illustrations to each letter. In 2017, the book "Lilla Sifferboken"  ("The small book of numbers") was released, which has the same setup as the previous book, but instead with numbers and months.

My studio is located in a small village by the sea, called Lomma, in the south of Sweden. That's also where I live together with my husband, my daughter and the cat. My son works and lives in Helsinki, Finland.

Most of my illustrations are digital. I work in a program called Procreate on my Ipad.


Are you interested in a cooperation, please contact my lovely agent Jehane at jehane@jeahane.com